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 I'm a Master of computer Applications and Master of Mathematics by qualification, and so i like  solving problems. I worked as software engineer arround 8 yrs and left the job  to enjoy motherhood bliss. Now i don't want to go back in software field.I believe in creating your own reality,love to motivate people,feeding positive thoughts in people's mind .i also believe in Astrology, planet's movement and their energies.




Rebirthing or Conscious Connected Breathwork is a powerful tool that supports you in creating a life of peace,relaxation,extraordinary health and better relationships. you will enjoy more creativity and more will fly freely. you will naturally move towards achieving your heart's innate desires.


Rebirthing is also about purification through the five elements, also called spiritual purification. Earth element element is about healthy food, fasting and exercise. Water element is about soaking and breathing i cold and warm water. Warm water opens your chakras and cleans them. cold water closes your chakras and protects them. fire element is about spending time with open flame. It can help you defeat your death urge and all life long negative thoughts. Air element is about the breath - rebirthing and the connected breating exercises. Space element is about high - vibration Mantras and high - quality thoughts.


A rebirthing session about breathing in energy as well as air. Aseries of then sessions is ideally recommended. taking ten sessions qualifies you to be able to practise the technique for the rest of your life without requiring a rebirther's assistance. 


1. What is the length of a session?

A. Divine energy decides the length of your sessions. its generally takes about 1-2 hours with a short, consultation before and after the sessions. all in all, reserve min. 2 and max. 3 hours per session.

2. Can i take only one session or do i need to take ten sessions?

A. you can begin with one and then take a call. we however recommend ten sessions untill you can learn how to rebirth your yourself.

3. Is there any cost involved?

A. yes, there is energy exchange fo revery session. its like going the speciality Doctor or Therapist.

4. How about the purification through the other elements?

a. we will guide you how to use other elements by yourself when you are taking the individual rebirthing sessions with us.

A single session can leave you thoroughly blissed out!

Come experience a session with me!


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